Social25 Release notes

Version 1.3.2
Released Dec. 12, 2018

In preparation of showing when cases expired in the Social25 client the API now provides the expiry date of the conversations in the conversation en

  • Show conversation expiry time in the conversations detail endpoint.
Version 1.3.1
Released Nov. 26, 2018

Some shiny new features to play with. With the latest addition of sticker support in WhatsApp we decided that we love this feature so much that we needed it as soon as possible! The wait is now over, you can now enjoy all the goodness of stickers that customers send you.


  • Added inbound sticker support
  • Added support to send an message with an image/GIF or any other type of attachment in one go instead of having to send two messages.
Version 1.3
Released Aug. 27, 2018

New features and functionalities have been added to the platform. Besides the new functionalities several core stability upgrades have been

  • Twitter DM support
  • Configure your Twitter account in no-time
  • AWS S3
  • Restricted Salesforce IP support
  • GIF Support
  • Chat/Message deletion endpoint
  • New V2 whatsapp API with business Whatsapp support
  • Restricted Salesforce domain support added to the login
Version 1.2
Released June 18, 2018

Due to recent updates to the Whatsapp platform we had to implement a new version of the API.

  • Implemented a new version of the WhatsApp API
Version 1.1
Released April 23, 2018

Facebook has changed some rules, so we change some rules as well.

  • Made sure we use the user_ref in case of the Facebook Opt-in
  • Fixed a bug in the API where we stored profile images double if the url changed but the image stayed the same.
Version 1.0.2
Released Feb. 26, 2018

Prevent a race condition in the Facebook connector.

  • If the auto-reply was enabled for a Facebook page we experienced a race condition that created two conversations and users. This has been resolved on database level now.
  • Push two new fields in the Salesforce Connector (Social25Conversation_Mediumc, Social25Conversation_Statec)
  • Due to the breaking changes in the checkbox plugin of Facebook we modified our opt-in flow to merge opt-in conversations with the first messages of the user.
Version 1.0.1
Released Nov. 28, 2017

Improvements to the Facebook Connector.

  • The Facebook Connector now support the Facebook echo protocol. Messages send trough Facebook or other tooling connected to a page can now be duplicated and send to Social25.
  • Performance improvements for handling the X-Hub-Signature authentication on the Facebook endpoint.
Version 1.0
Released Oct. 16, 2017

First major release of Social25. This version is now marked 1.0.0 from now on all changes to the API can be found on the website.

  • Message forwarding. By registering a webhook all messages can now be forwarded to and given endpoint. This feature can be leveraged to connect bots, webhooks or third party systems
  • A new user profile has been added, using this manager profile you can observe all assigned, closed and queued chats in the system
  • The manager profile now has a reporting function to monitor the amount of incoming messages, outgoing messages and some other statistics about the platform.
  • New API endpoint for the Facebook connector to enable the use of Facebook message templates.
  • Added support for the Facebook Opt-in. Social25 will use an externally provided conversation id in all communication from and towards Salesforce and in the API. This can be used to actively send customers Facebook updates like flight updates, boarding passes or even e-tickets.
  • API rebuild to the latest version of DRF.
  • Swagger docs are now generated by the API.
  • Permissions have been implemented for all users.
  • Performance upgrades to the Salesforce validate endpoint.
Version 1.2.2
Released Dec. 12, 2018

The Social25 client now utilises the offical Whatsapp guidelines.

  • Outbound message bubbles are displayed in the official Whatsapp outbound color.
Version 1.2.1
Released Nov. 12, 2018

Everybody likes to receive and send GIFs. So do customer support agents. You now have the capability to send and receive GIFs using the new Tenor GIF keyboard.

  • Improved usability of the Social25 client.
  • GIF picker, with GIF preview
  • The chat window now breaks words only at the end and not half way
  • Show line breaks
Version 1.2
Released Sept. 24, 2018

With the release of version 1.3 of the API several features have been added to the client for extended support.

  • Search functionalities in stand alone client
  • Show sub-texts of WhatsApp messages
  • Support all files types
  • Support upload via Cloudinary or Amazon S3
  • Support GIF messages
Version 1.1
Released April 11, 2018

Second major release of Social25. This version is now marked 1.1.0. This release contains performance improvements and a number of new features listed below.

  • Major performance improvements across most UI components
  • Bug fixes
  • Sentiment analysis, has to be enabled separately
  • Support for more messenger platforms
  • Improved UI
  • Support for more message types including but not limited to: Messenger Receipt and Button templates, Location, etc.
Version 1.0
Released Oct. 16, 2017

First major release of Social25. This version is now marked 1.0.0 from now on all changes to the Client can be found on the website.

  • The client has been refactored to use Redux.
  • Added support for the new manager profile.
  • Initial app start time has been improved.
  • Added SMS and Twitter DM constraints.
  • Added support for Facebook events to be shown in the chat.
  • The authentication flow has been improved to integrate seamlessly with Salesforce and the API oauth.