Social25 Release notes

Version 2.24
Released Oct. 1, 2019

Bug fixes

  • Fix for Salesforce Winter 20 Edition, which prevented the user from accessing an overlay above the chat window
  • Improvement on updating the database
  • Overlays (GIFs, Emojis, Attachments) can now be closed by clicking the ESC-Key
  • Smaller design improvements
Version 2.23
Released Sept. 18, 2019

Bug fixes

  • Fixed Salesforce Winter 20 Edition, which prevented the user from accessing the chat window
  • Fix for WhatsApp GIFs where GIFs disappeared after reloading the chat window
Version 2.22
Released Sept. 12, 2019

Minor improvement

  • Added configuration for the staging environment
Version 2.20
Released Sept. 11, 2019

Various improvements and bug fixes


  • Closing other open overlays when dragging and dropping files in the chat canvas
  • Conversation origin is now retrieved from the API
  • New file Icons for Word, PDF and Excel
  • Added preview for videos in upload

Bug fixes

  • Fix for uploading images when two cases are open in two different tabs
  • Fix for using GIFs when two cases are open in two different tabs
  • Destroy Timer for Case when closing a case window
  • Fix for Safari when deleting an uploaded file
Version 2.20
Released Aug. 26, 2019

Process Builder and Flow support

  • Global post message function for Process Builders and Flows
Version 2.19
Released Aug. 8, 2019

Bug fix

  • Fixed wrong reference to a Static Resource
Version 2.18
Released Aug. 7, 2019

Minor improvements


  • Conversation expire timer
  • Every Lightning Component now works on API version 45

Bug fixes

  • Bugfix for showing GIFs via Twitter channel
  • Showing a message in chatscreen when no config is found
  • Added custom labels
Version 2.17
Released Aug. 1, 2019

Minor improvements

  • Changes in Connected App
Version 2.16
Released June 25, 2019

Styling fixes

  • Fixed typo's in the configuration page
Version 2.14
Released June 20, 2019

Bug fix

  • Bug fix in the tab highlighting
Version 2.13
Released June 20, 2019

Bug fixes

  • Fixed overlay model
  • Fixed unsubscribe from Pusher
Version 2.12
Released June 19, 2019

Minor feature

  • Implemented a max length on text messages
Version 2.11
Released June 19, 2019

Bug fixes

  • Fixed auto-grow on text area
Version 2.10
Released June 18, 2019

Bug fix

  • Added missing Static Resource
Version 2.9
Released June 18, 2019

Minor features

  • Implemented tab highlighting when receiving messages
Version 2.6
Released June 18, 2019

Bug fixes

  • Potential fix for the javascript errors
  • Increased text area with multiple lines
Version 2.4
Released May 17, 2019

Bug fixes

  • Fixed the versioning in the endpoint urls
Version 2.3
Released May 15, 2019

Styling fixes

  • Styling fixes in chat window
Version 2.2
Released May 15, 2019

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a few styling issues in the chat screen
Version 1.56
Released March 27, 2019

Merge window

  • Fixed and issue where clicking on a Contact in the Contact Merge window in Lightning Experience would open the Contact record in Classic
Version 1.53
Released Feb. 14, 2019

Bug fix

  • Cases will not always be updated when sending and receiving messages
Version 1.52
Released Jan. 24, 2019

Assignment rules

  • Possibility to make Social25 Case creation follow active Case Assignment Rules
Version 1.51
Released Jan. 23, 2019


  • Bugfix: Outbound messages also copied to SocialPost
Version 1.50
Released Jan. 23, 2019

Bug fix

  • Name field was not correctly set on SocialPost
Version 1.49
Released Jan. 22, 2018

Upgraded Social Studio support

  • Allow to make use of the SocialPost object when this is available
Version 1.48
Released Oct. 23, 2018

Access token

  • Added a global function to retrieve an Access Token
Version 1.47
Released Oct. 11, 2018

Platform Identifier

  • Added the Platform Identifier to the Case object
Version 1.46
Released Sept. 28, 2018

Custom field labels

  • Made changes in custom field labels
Version 1.45
Released Sept. 28, 2018

Added Sentiment fields

  • Added Sentiment Probability field
  • Added Sentiment Value field
Version 1.43
Released July 18, 2018

Improved code coverage

  • Added a few extra unit tests
Version 1.42
Released June 25, 2018

Bug fix

  • Bug fix in Merge functionality
Version 1.41
Released June 19, 2018

Improved Merge

  • Switched merge direction
  • Added extra search fields in the Account and Contact merge functionality
Version 1.40
Released June 18, 2018

Permission Sets

  • Added some permissions in the Permission Sets
Version 1.39
Released June 18, 2018

Minor improvement

  • Added a migration to set the timestamp on existing messages
Version 1.38
Released June 14, 2018

Implemted GDPR compliancy

  • Added possibility to remove user data from Heroku
Version 1.37
Released June 6, 2018

Added fields

  • Added fields to the HerokuMessage object
Version 1.36
Released May 1, 2018

Minor improvement

  • Changes in Account settings visibility
Version 1.35
Released April 26, 2018

Default values for custom fields

  • Added possibility to set default values for required custom fields
Version 1.34
Released April 25, 2018

Expanded Link options

  • Added 'None' to the linking options
Version 1.33
Released April 20, 2018

Bug fix

  • 'Account' field on Case no longer set when relating a Business Contact
Version 1.32
Released April 19, 2018

Added fields

  • Added 'Reply sent' field on Case, Opportunity and Lead
Version 1.31
Released April 17, 2018

Removed Opportunity Creation setting

  • Removed the Opportunity Creation setting
Version 1.30
Released April 4, 2018

Changed Link options

  • Only one Link option is now possible
Version 1.29
Released April 3, 2018

Link SocialPersona to Lead

  • Possibility to link SocialPersonas to Leads
Version 1.28
Released March 28, 2018

Changed use of Names

  • 'First Name' and 'Last Name' is now used instead of 'Full Name'
Version 1.27
Released March 28, 2018

Added Permission Sets

  • Created Permission Sets 'Social25 Admin' and 'Social25 User'
Version 1.26
Released Feb. 26, 2018

Bug fix

  • Conversation medium is now filled in on SocialPersona
Version 1.24
Released Jan. 30, 2018

Implemented Record Type support

Added posibility to select default Recordtypes for Account, Case, Lead and Opportunity objects

Version 1.23
Released Jan. 30, 2018

Implemented Account & Contatc merge

  • Added Account and Contact merge functionality
Version 1.22
Released Jan. 18, 2018

Bug Fix

  • Messages are also related to the correct Account and Contact now
Version 1.21
Released Dec. 28, 2017

Implemented solution when Social Studio objects are not available

  • Implemented a custom SocialPersonas object for when the default SocialPersona object is not available
  • 'Source' fields on Lead and Opportunity object are also filled in now
Version 1.20
Released Dec. 15, 2017

Integrated Social Studio

  • Implemented SocialPersonas
  • Possibility to reopen or create new cases when a new message is sent
Version 1.5.6
Released March 25, 2020

Bugfix for Facebook status updates.

  • Fixed an issue where Facebook status updates caused message to be re-synced to Salesforce and the status update to never properly execute.
Version 1.5.5
Released Feb. 17, 2020

With the integration of the Whatsapp Business API directly we needed to make some upgrades to the way we handle the HSM endpoint.

  • Released version 2.0 of the HSM endpoint which makes it possible for customers to utilize the Salesforce package version > 2.47.
Version 1.5.4
Released Feb. 3, 2020

Updated WeChat release.

  • To support encrypted end-2-end messaging for WeChat an upgraded version of the integration has been released.
  • Integrated Facebook Handover protocol into the standard Facebook connection.
Version 1.5.3
Released Jan. 16, 2020

A new channel has been added. A production stable version of Intercom has now been released and is ready for use!

  • Production stable Intercom integration released
  • Fixed an issue where VCARD messages from the Small Whatsapp for business API were not processed accordingly
Version 1.5.2
Released Dec. 17, 2019

Don't have your headphone near? No problem we can now transcribe audio messages for you

  • Transcribe endpoint for audio messages (Amazon Transcribe)
  • Populate media title and mimetype for files send through Facebook
  • Add a supports_gif option to all platforms
Version 1.5.1
Released Nov. 25, 2019

Minor API update and bug fix.

  • Update the endpoints to pass auxiliary data as JSON instead of a string.
  • Fixed an bug where Facebook message echo's got duplicated into the database and pusher.
Version 1.5
Released Nov. 4, 2019

WhatsApp template messages for Business

  • Added the new functionality of retrieving template messages from WhatsApp business accounts
Version 1.4.1
Released Oct. 8, 2019

Platform and stability upgrades.

  • In this update the underlying stack used on Heroku has been upgraded to the latest verison as well as all the major version releases of the underlying packages used in the application.
  • Fixed an bug where whitespaces in filenames on AWS S3 storage caused an issue in the chat window.
  • Fixed an bug where a caption of a file caused the file to be sent twice to the chat window.
Version 1.4
Released July 29, 2019

New push methods available for pushing data to Salesforce.

  • In addition to the Bulk API Social25 now supports the REST composite tree API as alternative for synchronizing data to Salesforce environments
Version 1.3.6
Released June 21, 2019

Enhanced logging now enables us to do much more pro active monitoring on the platform and keep track of all data flows.

  • Added functionality to monitor all inbound message counts and synchronization counts to enhance pro active monitoring on the platform.
  • Added the capability to change batch size in real time for all customers.
  • Added pagination for the agent list endpoint.
Version 1.3.5
Released May 23, 2019

Changed the way messages are forwarded in the forwarding API to make sure you have all the information you need without making additional API calls.

  • Changed the format of messages that is forwarded to the customer to be standard for all platforms.
  • Added a fix for timezones registered on the created date for customers.
  • Updated certificate support for the forwarding API.
Version 1.3.4
Released March 25, 2019

Various fixes and sticker support.

  • Added sticker support in the chat window. Stickers are now shown as such instead of displaying them as standard images.
  • Added media caption support for all channels in the API and inbound requests. All connectors now decided if a caption is supported for attachments and splits them if needed into multiple messages. The API now assumes all channels support captions.
  • Fixed an issue where WhatsApp videos where accidentally classified as GIF.
Version 1.3.3
Released Feb. 25, 2019

Minor fixes and upgrades.

  • Changed the way data is encrypted in the database to support key rolling.
  • Increased the number of retries performed after a broken inbound request.
Version 1.3.2.a
Released Jan. 28, 2019

Minor fix.

  • Fixed an issue in the upload parameters for Cloudinary.
Version 1.3.2
Released Dec. 12, 2018

In preparation of showing when cases expired in the Social25 client the API now provides the expiry date of the conversations in the conversation en

  • Show conversation expiry time in the conversations detail endpoint.
Version 1.3.1
Released Nov. 26, 2018

Some shiny new features to play with. With the latest addition of sticker support in WhatsApp we decided that we love this feature so much that we needed it as soon as possible! The wait is now over, you can now enjoy all the goodness of stickers that customers send you.


  • Added inbound sticker support
  • Added support to send an message with an image/GIF or any other type of attachment in one go instead of having to send two messages.
Version 1.3
Released Aug. 27, 2018

New features and functionalities have been added to the platform. Besides the new functionalities several core stability upgrades have been

  • Twitter DM support
  • Configure your Twitter account in no-time
  • AWS S3
  • Restricted Salesforce IP support
  • GIF Support
  • Chat/Message deletion endpoint
  • New V2 whatsapp API with business Whatsapp support
  • Restricted Salesforce domain support added to the login
Version 1.2
Released June 18, 2018

Due to recent updates to the Whatsapp platform we had to implement a new version of the API.

  • Implemented a new version of the WhatsApp API
Version 1.1
Released April 23, 2018

Facebook has changed some rules, so we change some rules as well.

  • Made sure we use the user_ref in case of the Facebook Opt-in
  • Fixed a bug in the API where we stored profile images double if the url changed but the image stayed the same.
Version 1.0.2
Released Feb. 26, 2018

Prevent a race condition in the Facebook connector.

  • If the auto-reply was enabled for a Facebook page we experienced a race condition that created two conversations and users. This has been resolved on database level now.
  • Push two new fields in the Salesforce Connector (Social25Conversation_Mediumc, Social25Conversation_Statec)
  • Due to the breaking changes in the checkbox plugin of Facebook we modified our opt-in flow to merge opt-in conversations with the first messages of the user.
Version 1.0.1
Released Nov. 28, 2017

Improvements to the Facebook Connector.

  • The Facebook Connector now support the Facebook echo protocol. Messages send trough Facebook or other tooling connected to a page can now be duplicated and send to Social25.
  • Performance improvements for handling the X-Hub-Signature authentication on the Facebook endpoint.
Version 1.0
Released Oct. 16, 2017

First major release of Social25. This version is now marked 1.0.0 from now on all changes to the API can be found on the website.

  • Message forwarding. By registering a webhook all messages can now be forwarded to and given endpoint. This feature can be leveraged to connect bots, webhooks or third party systems
  • A new user profile has been added, using this manager profile you can observe all assigned, closed and queued chats in the system
  • The manager profile now has a reporting function to monitor the amount of incoming messages, outgoing messages and some other statistics about the platform.
  • New API endpoint for the Facebook connector to enable the use of Facebook message templates.
  • Added support for the Facebook Opt-in. Social25 will use an externally provided conversation id in all communication from and towards Salesforce and in the API. This can be used to actively send customers Facebook updates like flight updates, boarding passes or even e-tickets.
  • API rebuild to the latest version of DRF.
  • Swagger docs are now generated by the API.
  • Permissions have been implemented for all users.
  • Performance upgrades to the Salesforce validate endpoint.