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Social25 Light
Social25 Enterprise
€ 500
per month
€ 1.500
per month
Real time conversations on:
Includes a maximum of 2 channels*
Includes all channels*
Send, receive and store: 
text messages, images, documents, audio, stickers and video
up to 5000
up to 50.000
Data storage
500MB Image + data storage
2GB storage for images 1GB data storage
Conversation history saved in your Salesforce environment 

(text messages only)
Secure access to chat window via Salesforce Canvas
API Access
Sentiment & intent analysis
Language recognition
Connect Social25 to your own AWS instance
Standard connection options with chatbots (proven succes with chatbots from CX company & Salesforce)
Custom pricing available for
* extra charges apply for WhatsApp, Intercom, SMS and Twitter
Social25 user
€ 50
per month
  • This fee applies for every Social25 user
  • Includes 2000 extra messages per user per month
  • Minimum of 1 Social25 user is required
  • Social25 Light: Maximum of 3 Social25 users
 per company
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