Deliver better customer experience
Increase efficiency
Combine direct messaging with your marketing journey
Add Automations or AI
GDPR compliancy
Salesforce & Social25


(Additionally, a minimum of 50 Social25 users is required)
€ 1.500 per month
Real time conversation on
WhatsApp, Instagram Direct Messenger, Facebook Messenger, Twitter
Includes all channels*
Send, receive and store: text messages, images, documents, audio, stickers and video
Up to 50.000 a month
Data storage
€ 1.500 per month
Conversation history saved in your Salesforce environment (text messages only)
2GB storage for images 1GB data storage
Secure access to chat window via Salesforce Canvas

API Access

Sentiment & intent analysis

Language recognition

Connect Social25 to your own AWS instance

Standard connection options with chatbots (proven success with chatbots from CX company & Salesforce)

* extra charges apply for WhatsApp, Intercom, SMS and Twitter


Social25 user
per month
  • This fee applies for every Social25 user
  • Includes 2000 extra messages per user per month
  • Mimimum of 50 Social25 users is required

Available on the Salesforce AppExchange

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