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Social25 is seamlessly integrated with Service Cloud, Sales Cloud or Marketing Cloud. Customers are placed in the centre of every experience, because the activities of Service agents, Marketing and Sales teams can be coordinated and optimized. Read more below on how Social25 is the perfect addition to your Salesforce Clouds.

Salesforce Sales Cloud

Centralise all customer communication, further improve the customer 360º view, and empower your Sales teams with the the Social25 functionality  they need to succeed.

  • Follow up on leads and existing opportunities using one-to-one communication through social channels.
  • Allow more than one person to communicate with a prospect on lead or opportunity.
  • Reduce response times through increased collaboration between Sales, Service and Marketing departments.
  • Empower your sales agents with CRM data, each conversation provides new information to further improve the customer 360º.

Salesforce Service Cloud

Deliver a superior customer experience by engaging your customers via web and mobile and increase customer satisfaction.

  • Reduce pressure on your customer care agents through automation such as Chatbots, Salesforce quicktext and automated replies.
  • Stimulate collaboration by having Service Agents work Cases in parallel.
  • Connect with your existing Service process through omni-channel integration.
  • Provide insight into chat history to deliver excellent service to your customer.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Connect Social Channels to your Marketing Cloud environment and integrate Social DM’s in your marketing campaigns.

  • Incorporate direct messaging in your marketing journeys with the Social25 custom activity.
  • Send product or campaign updates, delivery notifications, surveys and more on Whatsapp through your customised Marketing Cloud campaign.
  • Follow-up on customer responses by having customer care agents handle inbound cases as a result of marketing campaigns.
  • Leverage Salesforce reports & dashboards to better understand message hit and open ratios and overall campaign effectiveness.
Rico Ramars
Account Executive

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