Propelling customer experience in the pandemic

Excellent communication is a priority for the business of Education First

Propelling customer experience in the pandemic

By implementing Social25, EF Education First has significantly improved the customer experience with the social direct-messaging solution proving particularly useful in the pandemic.

EF Education First is on a mission to open the world through education. So, it’s fair to say that excellent communication is a priority for their business.

As an international education service, EF provides language courses in more than 40 destinations worldwide, with thousands of customers learning a language abroad in their schools. With a huge, diverse, multi-language customer base, they face communication challenges at scale.

Enquiries could be received in any language from any time zone, and ensuring that existing and prospective customers are supported with equity is vital. In a world where the expectation is an instantaneous response, EF knows that social media communications are essential.

Keen to provide their customers with a fast, accessible mode of communicating at any stage of their buying journey, EF initially implemented WhatsApp’s Business API, giving their customers access to instant direct messaging. But they found that, disjointed from their CRM system, there were inefficiencies for their staff who had to work across multiple systems, leading to delays for the customer.

In 2020, the need to respond quickly became all the more urgent when the global pandemic hit.

Vital support for pandemic communications

When Coronavirus threw the world into disarray, it was inevitable that EF and its customers would face significant challenges.“We work in travel and education and both industries were impacted a lot,” advises Francisco Deabreu, Head of Automation.“In these pandemic times our staff were faced with an influx of questions about travel measures and restrictions.”The burden on staff was extreme and it was essential to facilitate their processes as best as possible. Meanwhile, the need to satisfy customer’s enquiries was paramount, so EF sought a better communications solution, turning to Social25.

A fully-integrated communications solution

Social25 is a social media messaging integration for Salesforce, connecting social media communications seamlessly to all other communication channels through your CRM. WhatsApp, Messenger and many more social media channels can sit within your Salesforce interface, allowing you to communicate with customers from within the CRM.By implementing Social25, EF found that social media messaging is no longer managed in a silo, with all of the customer information in one place and readily available for agents to use.”Now we have a better overview of the customer information and the communication channels we can use,” says Francisco.”By improving the experience of the staff, you automatically improve the experience of the customer,” he adds. “The switch to Social25 was seamless for the customer, but now we’re so much better at responding and knowing how and what to respond to.”

Support for every stage of the customer journey

Providing a high level of support is as important for prospects as it is for existing customers, so EF has opened up WhatsApp communications for their customers in every step of their journey.Anybody looking for information about what’s included in a course, for example, could send a WhatsApp message directly to EF, allowing their agents to respond faster than they could via email or phone, which are universally subject to delays.What’s more, with the Social25 Salesforce integration, EF is able to create new enquiries in Salesforce allowing them to nurture and convert prospective customers from their very first WhatsApp enquiry.

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