Video: Social25 now officially integrates with Salesforce Einstein Bots

Social25 now officially integrates with Salesforce Einstein Bots. This means you can build Einstein Bots in Salesforce and quickly deploy them to your Social25 channels such as WhatsApp, Instagram, WeChat and more. 

From there, let your bots help customers with simple questions, or let customers change their data in Salesforce directly, such as updating their delivery address for example, this way relieving the pressure on your service centers.

When things get complicated, the bot can hand over the conversation to a human agent. With full access to the previous bot conversation, it becomes a breeze for them to jump in and resolve any customer case!

We will illustrate this with an example of a customer of a furniture company, who has just ordered a new closet. This customer, called James, wants to track his order, change the delivery address and finally needs some advice on how to set up his closet.

Check out the video here

Rico Ramars
Account Executive

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