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Talk to your customers on channels like; WhatsApp, Instagram DM's, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, SMS and more. Seamless integration with Service Cloud, Sales Cloud & Marketing Cloud


What is Social25?

Social25 is a social direct messaging solution for your service and marketing needs. We support a wide variety of social channels such as Instagram Direct Messenger, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Twitter, and more.

Using Social25 your service agents can chat with your customers from within the Salesforce Service Console, having all the information relating to that customer in one screen. This enables your team to deliver better customer experiences, lower average handling time and build strong customer relationships.

Deliver better customer experience

Social25 gives your agents the information they need to offer outstanding service. All customer data and chat history are in one place.

Increase efficiency

 Social25 unites multiple chats on multiple social channels ensuring your agents only need one screen. Case routing and chat history increases efficiency and enables multiple agents to talk to the same customer.

Integrate social direct messaging in customer journeys

Social25 integrates social direct messaging: WhatsApp, Instagram Direct Messenger or Facebook Messaging in your marketing journeys you can create consistency in your communication across all channels.

Add Automations or AI powered chatbots

The Social25 development team can integrate various chatbots including Salesforce Einstein Bot or automation flows, so that agents can focus on the cases where they can make a difference. We create a seamless experience for your customers.

GDPR compliant

Social25 does not access, monitor or analyse conversations without explicit permission and data centers are located in the EU. Moreover, agents can easily delete personal data and conversations. Or you can mange this easily via an API.

Social channels

Social25 supports a wide variety of social channels: WhatsApp, Instagram DM, Twitter DM, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, Intercom, Telegram, SMS, Apple iMessage for Business, Line, Kik, Google Business Messages, Kakao Talk and Vibe. Plus, we can build what you need.

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